What are Some Ways to Appeal to Goth Girls

You’ve always had a crush on that Goth girl living next door but, you’ve never dared to approach her. Does this sound familiar? Or, how about this, you have a Goth girl in your class or workplace who seems friendly, yet you have no idea how to attract a Goth girl. You may think you can’t appeal to Goth girls because you don’t have what it takes. It’s time to let go of all your fears and uncertainties and make things happen! And, you won’t be alone on this journey. Here are six ways to appeal to Goth Girls that will help you win the heart of your desired Goth single.

6 ways to appeal to Goth Girls

Goth Girl

1. Dress to impress

You must have noticed her beautiful hair and amazing dark wardrobe right from the start. Furthermore, her make-up attracts you, and you are impressed with her creative style. But what exactly makes her attractive? First, the effort she makes to dress up. Second, the way she cares about her apparel, and third her courage in showing her true colors. In other words, these are the keys to success that you should be using too. To appeal to Goth girls you should pay attention to your apparel too. Of course, you shouldn’t change your wardrobe entirely just to make an impression. To sum it up, choose a style that fits you and feels comfortable to you, perhaps add a few Goth details here and there, for example, a bracelet or a ring, and put yourself out there. In the end, looking good, smelling nice, and feeling confident about yourself are the perfect ways to make a first good impression.

2. What does she like?

Your future Goth girlfriend must have her passions and interests. Find out what your Goth girl’s passions and hobbies are. That way, you can break the ice in your first conversation. For example, did you ever hear to what music she listens? Or, any clubs or bars she likes? How about noticing any brands on her clothing or bag? Does she dress up as a Victorian vampire, or is she more into dark magic? You would be surprised at how much you can find out about your Goth single just by observing. And of course, you can ask her directly about her hobbies. That’s a perfect way to start a conversation. Perhaps she’s into movies, art, or even into video games. And before you know it, you might discover you have much more in common than you realized.

3. Leave prejudice behind

Perhaps you don’t know much about the Goth culture, and you may some misconceptions regarding your Goth girl. So, think twice before judging a book by its cover. There are many online articles out there that are offensive to both Goths and girls in general. For example, the idea that Goth girls are kinky or that Goths are suicidal. These ideas have emerged due to a lack of knowledge and interest in truly understanding the person before you. In other words, don’t assume your Goth girl is a certain type or has certain characteristics just because of things you read on the internet or things your friends said. Every person is different, and to know a person is to focus only on that person, acknowledge her unique traits and get to know her personally, and not through secondhand information.

4. What does it mean to be a Goth?

Your crush chose to be a Goth for certain reasons and beliefs. The Goth culture has, after all, a rich and interesting history. If you truly want to win her heart, find out what being a Goth means. And luckily, there is plenty of information out there on what is Goth. But, while doing your research, make sure you consult reliable sources and not only people’s points of view. Form your own opinion, and don’t be afraid to reach out to any Goth forums to ask your questions. Of course, you can also approach your Goth girl and ask her what it means to her to be a Goth. Surely she will be delighted to share her opinion with you.  

5. Respect and honesty

Not only are these the basis of winning your Goth girl over, but, they are the basis of any relationship. Treat your Goth girl respectfully and be honest with her about who you are and what you like. In other words, respect her choices and her beliefs. Moreover, be honest with her about your values and beliefs. Don’t tell her what she wants to hear because you will build your relationship based on lies. Furthermore, don’t forget that every person, Goth or regular, has insecurities and fears. Building trust over time, showing respect, and being honest with yourself and others are the keys to successful relationships.

6. Self-reflection

It may be something you haven’t thought about before but, liking someone may sometimes say more about you than the other person. Ask yourself why you like this Goth girl, and be true to yourself. Is it because you are fascinated by her clothes and make-up, and you wonder if your friends will freak out when they see you with her? Or do you truly like this girl and want to get to know her because you are genuinely interested in her? It’s important to take a moment and ask yourself these questions before moving ahead. This way, your self-reflection may help you discover your true fascination with Goths and perhaps find out more about yourself on the way too.

There you have it, six steps to guide you and help you win the heart of your Goth crush. If you follow these steps, you will attract a Goth girl guaranteed. But don’t forget, like all good things, it takes time. Be patient with your Goth girl, and be patient with yourself as well. There is no need to rush. Enjoy knowing each other and discover all the magical moments that dating offers.

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