Why are People Attracted to Goths

Do you wear normal clothes but sometimes catch yourself admiring a long-haired beautiful Goth man or a Wednesday Addams look-alike Goth girl? And, do you sometimes look for sexy Goth singles not understanding why you are fascinated by them? Or, are you a Goth yourself and always wondered why some people sometimes stare or smile at you? It’s time to put those questions and doubts to rest. And so, here are nine reasons to explain people’s fascination with Goths.

9 reasons why people are attracted to Goths

Goth Woman

1. Apparel

First, who doesn’t think leather pants, black boots, victorian laced shirts, and long black coats are sexy? Second, the make-up which can take your breath away, for example, perfectly applied black eyeliner accompanied by a breathtaking lipstick shade. Third, those wicked accessories like chains, pins, rings, and badges. And fourth, let’s not forget the hair, from pitch black to fiery red or even metallic blue. The sky is the limit when it comes to Goth dressing styles. However, these are some of the many choices that Goths have when it comes to their wardrobe and make-up style. But, setting aside the impressive sexy Goth outfits, more impressive is the time and effort that it takes to plan those outfits, dress up, and put on the sometimes too-perfect-to-handle make-up. A Goth single that makes this kind of effort not only impresses other Goths but people in general too. At the end of the day, who doesn’t like a well-dressed person who smells nice, and makes you feel proud to go on a date with?

2. Dark vibe

Goths are all about darkness. But, what does it mean? If you may have thought that darkness means suicide or negative thoughts, then you are wrong. Darkness can only exist when accompanied by light. In other words, there is no darkness without light and the other way around. Embracing your dark side, acknowledging that there is a dark side in you too, and accepting yourself for who you are may also be the reason why you are attracted to that Goth girl living next door or the Goth boy you saw on the subway the other day. Goths embrace the darkness and accept themselves and their emotions with all their ups and downs. Can it not be that you want to do the same and thus this is the reason why you like Goths?

3. Attitude

Even a shy Goth has an attitude. Let’s face it, no matter how their personality is, Goths share that confidence and self-esteem that we all desire. Perhaps they don’t all agree or believe it but being able to show who you are through your apparel and being proud of who you are is attractive. Goths aren’t afraid of who they are and are happy with what they see in the mirror. Moreover, they’ve adjusted their make-up and wardrobe to reflect their inner beliefs and emotions. Who doesn’t want such a confident and refreshing personality? Tell me you’re not attracted by that Goth single looking all mysterious and knowing it?

4. Different

Normal is boring. It’s something we’ve all discovered over the years. Why be normal when you can be colorful (yes not only black clothes represent Goths), different, and special? Goths look different and think differently than the average person so people are attracted to what stands out. Perhaps you are attracted to Goths because they are out of the ordinary and that is exactly what you are looking for. Moreover, different means you dare to think out of the box and not go with the majority when it comes to opinions and trends. After all, being different is what made the Goth single you’re attracted to, catch your attention in the first place.

5. Share of interest

Perhaps you haven’t thought of this one but you may like reading Victorian stories, vampire fantasy books, and watching dark movies. Furthermore, you may like listening to certain music that stirs certain emotions within you. So yes, in the end, you may find out that you are a Goth on the inside, which is the exact reason why you are attracted to Goths! Furthermore, you may share the same fashion tastes and beauty standards as your sexy Goth crush. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge your dark passions and interests. After all, your life is your own and you should be able to do the things you love most.

6. Escape

Why remain in a world which lacks fantasy when you can join in with your Goth friends and even dress up as characters from movies you like? How about dressing up as Selene from Underworld and watching the mortal world from above? Or, living as Morticia Addams and studying poisonous plants? Goths have an endless imagination that they apply in their day-to-day life. Why live a normal life when every day can be filled with dark surprises?

7. Make a statement

Being a Goth is not only about wearing certain clothes and practicing certain hobbies. Being a Goth is also about making a statement. Goths express their own beliefs in their wardrobe and attitude. The Goth culture has a strong base and has been growing over the years, protecting and passing on the idea of self-expression and freedom. You may be attracted to your sexy Goth for being a brave person who can stand up for their beliefs and supports liberty.

8. Community

Goths like other Goths. They like to hang out in the same clubs and go to the same concerts together. Furthermore, they like to share their hobbies and discuss their passions. And last but not least, Goths support each other. There are communities and groups such as Gothic Group where Goths are free to express themselves and seek help from their fellow Goths. Perhaps you want to be part of such a community and are attracted to Goths because you want to be somewhere you belong.

9. Magic

Goths love magic. Their existence is surrounded by so many possibilities that also reach out to witchcraft. Love potions, candle rituals, and enchanted jewelry. And how about Halloween when all Goths can dress up even more glorious and celebrate one of the most magical days of the year? Maybe that’s the reason you’re so fascinated by them. Goths are, after all, magical!

In case you haven’t guessed yet, here is the conclusion. You are attracted by those who are similar to you and live by the same beliefs and standards you do or would like to. The next time you look at a Goth single ask yourself why. Do you long for that attitude and confidence too? Would you also like to make a statement of your beliefs and values? Or, can it not be that you want to wear those clothes too? And, maybe you would like to listen to whatever music they are listening to? After all, liking someone may say more about you than about the other person. And in the end, you may discover you are a Goth too and you’ve been wanting to find a Goth partner all along.

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